New challenge, developing new market

July 22, 2017

People always keep going, but knowledge should advance by steps not by leaps. Norton has been attended the Canton Fair in Guangzhou over 8 times. We met many familiar faces, not only our customers, but also our international friends.


It is congratulated that the fair came to a successful close. The visitor was less than last year, but we heard good news while the fair and reached to our original intentions. From general situation of the fair is deeply reflecting the economic conditions of the whole countries over the world, which is dropping gradually. Even though the current is not satisfied, Norton have to hold on it and face the difficulty together with our partners. However, some customers have feedback us they like our products very much and will keep to order from us.


How time fly of 5 days exhibition period, we have to say goodbye there, hope we can meet again in Oct Canton Fair or maybe next year. All the Norton members here to thanks for your support. See you later, my dear friends.


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